A Fully Insured Managed Transplant Carve-Out Program arranged through



iiSi has teamed with OptumHealth to offer the Managed Transplant Program, a fully insured Transplant Carve-Out Program underwritten by United HealthCare Insurance Company (AM Best A).

As costs and incidences of transplants increase, the exposure to transplant risks becomes greater. Through this program, employers can stabilize their health care budget and provide their employees with access to extraordinary care.

The rates for most states are $5.57 (single) and $13.37 (family) and include 10% commission lower rates available if commission is less than 10%. Depending on the deductible quoted, the stop loss premiums are discounted between 3%-6% when this program is implemented.

Some of the unique features are:

  • Utilizes the OptumHealth Transplant Centers of Excellence Network the premier transplant network in the country
  • No pre-existing condition clause
  • Available to groups of 101+ employees (Ask you underwriter for specific state liberalizations in number of employees.)
  • Available to both iiSi and non-iiSi stop loss clients

The Managed Transplant Program option will be included on all iiSi stop loss quotes. If you have any questions or if you would like to discuss in more detail, please call your underwriter or marketing contact.

For more information, please click below for a brochure.