“Adding value and managed care resources to reduce claim costs”

In today’s managed health care environment, it is imperative for employers who self-fund their health plan to capitalize on all managed care advantages available to them.

Our goal is to provide programs which assist in controlling delivery patterns, provide better control of healthcare costs, and promote access to preferred provider organizations and “Centers of Quality” facilities.

Our Managed Care Initiative Programs are not meant to replace our client’s existing managed care programs, but to collaborate and integrate with them in order to realize the maximum cost savings.

We aim to work as a partner with our Third Party Administrators to review current resources, identify strengths and weaknesses, and assist in the development of complete managed care solutions.

When a potential or active large claim situation is identified, IISI’s Managed Care Coordinator will work with the TPA and chosen managed care vendors to ensure that all available managed care resources are evaluated and utilized. IISI has agreements with several Centers-of-Excellence Networks for transplants, as well as other large claim scenarios.