Intermediary Insurance Services, Inc. (iiSi) Endorses RxResults

We have seen a spike in the cost of specialty drugs, which represent 1% of the all prescription drugs dispensed, however they account for 35%+ of all drug costs.  It is anticipated that specialty drug costs will reach 50% of all drug expenditures.    In an effort to stem the high cost of specialty drug use, iiSi has endorsed a pre-certification program provided by RxResults.

RxResults is an evidence-based pharmacy risk management company that provides an independent pre-authorization service for specialty drug dispensing.  RxResults finds that through their pre-certification process that 68% of the prescriptions are approved, 12% are withdrawn and 20% are denied.  This process eliminates 30%+ of the specialty drug prescriptions. One of their notable observations is only 36% of the hep C prescriptions are approved being many are denied as not meeting the drug’s clinical criteria.  RxResults is seeing savings anywhere from 12% to 45% with their Specialty Drug Management program.

The benefits of this program are:

  • Controls the utilization of specialty drugs
  • Eliminates the conflict of interest with PBMs providing their own prior-authorization, which is advantageous to the PBM’s bottom-line along with the distributor receiving incentives and rebates
  • Reduces Plan costs by recommending lower cost alternatives
  • Detailed drug analytics leading to evidenced-base determination of prescribed specialty drugs
  • Reduces the frequency of lasers and increases in aggregate attachment point factors

This is a first step in helping to address rising specialty drug expenses. For more information contact L.G. Hanzel, Principal & VP of RxResults at (817) 296-8147 or visit the RxResults’ website at